The Secretary General The Secretary General

The main functions of the Secretary General are as follows:

  • To provide advice and assistance to the organs of the Sindicatura.
  • To undertake, in general, all functions necessary to allow the Board, the Steering Committee and the Chairman to fulfil their managerial roles, in all matters relating to the internal running of the institution.
  • To attend, in a non-voting capacity, the meetings of the Board and the Steering Committee.
  • To prepare and distribute the agenda for Board Meetings on the instructions of the Chairman.
  • To draw up the minutes of the Board and Steering Committee meetings and, once they have been approved, to sign them, with the Chairman's countersignature.
  • To issue certificates in proof of acts, agreements and documents under his or her custody.
  • To keep files and documents and the General Register of incoming and outgoing documents.
  • To undertake all other personnel and administrative functions delegated to him or her by any organ of the Audit Office.


The Secretary General of the Sindicatura de Comptes is Mr. Manel Rodríguez Tió.