The Chairman of the Board (síndic major) The Chairman of the Board (síndic major)

The Chair of the Board (síndic major) exercises the presidency and the maximum internal and external representation of the institution. The síndic major is chosen by the Board of the Public Audit Office from among its members, and is appointed by the President of the Government of Catalonia for a term of three years. The specific statutory powers invested in the Chair include the following:

  • To represent the Sindicatura de Comptes in all spheres and chair official meetings and events.
  • To call and chair meetings of the Board and the Steering Committee, drawing up agendas and guiding their deliberations.
  • To ensure implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Board and the Steering Committee.
  • To use the casting vote in the event of a tie in Board and Steering Committee decisions.
  • To exercise overall inspection and ensure the internal functioning of the institution.
  • To exercise management of Public Audit Office personnel, including the appointment, hiring and general governance and executive administration of staff.
  • To act as the contracting body of the institution; to authorise the expenditures involved, acknowledge obligations and order payments.
  • To approve and authorise the minutes and certifications of any kind issued by the Secretary General.