Relations with Parliament Relations with Parliament

The Audit Office's relations with the Parliament of Catalonia are through the Parliamentary Committee for the Audit Office, before whom it must appear to present its audit reports, at the Committee's request.

In accordance with the provisions of Parliamentary Regulations, reports relating to the public sector of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat) are sent to the Parliamentary Committee for the Audit Office, to be discussed there. In the case of reports dealing with the local government sector or with public universities, the parliamentary groups may request the presentation of any report they deem necessary in this Parliamentary Committee.

The Parliament's procedural rules provide for a special passage of the report on the General Account (Compte general) of the Catalan Government (the Generalitat de Catalunya). This annual General Account report is presented by the Chairman of the Sindicatura before a plenary sitting of Parliament, whereupon the parliamentary groups have leave to address the House by turn and the Committee decision is put to a vote.